PS / PS2 programmierbarer Controller Converter

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Mayflash PS / PS2 programmierbarer Controller Converter

Neben der Turbo und Slow Funktion können mit dem Controller Converter  Makros programmiert werden. Ideal für Fighting Games. Speichere Deine Moves.

(englische Bedienungsanleitung / Packung)

? Turbo function: Pressing Prog button on the converter, and individually pressing any of ?????? ? ?L1?R1 button on PS controller, you can define the button as Turbo function. The Turbo function of the button will be cancelled by repeating this step.
? Slow function: Simultaneously pressing Prog button on the converter and Start button on PS controller, you can get Slow function, and the function will be cancelled by repeating this step.
? Support two record modes: Normal REC Mode and Real Time REC Mode. You can set L2?R2?L3?R3 button as a programmable button. Each of them can record 15 kinds of motion at most, and the max time interval between each motion is about 2 Seconds.
? Normal REC Mode: You can input being defined buttons by turns without caring for the time interval between them because it can be adjusted together later.
? Real Time REC Mode: Memorize the button that you have recorded in real time, including the lasting time of each button and the delaying time of the button series.
? Intelligent convert function: The right and left direction in Macro can be exchanged. Forexample, if you define Macro of L2 as ?????, automatically the converter will convert Macro to ????? when you press ???L2?. Just like this, when you exchange the position in the game, you still can use the defined Macro.

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