Brawler64 Wireless Bluetooth NSO Edition Gray

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Brawler64 Wireless Bluetooth NSO Edition Gray

Retro Fighters

Compatible with Nintendo Switch, Switch Online & PC

NEW “Swap” function – NSO N64 mode & Switch Pro controller mode

  • NEW Screenshot, Home and “-” buttons
  • NEW Dual vibration feedback
  • Motion sensor
  • System wake-up functionality
  • Ergonomic & comfortable design
  • Responsive analog sticks
  • Dual “Z” triggers
  • Latest Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Battery life of 10+ hours per charge
  • Wireless range of 30+ feet
  • USB-C connection

**NOTE: Connects to PC via USB-C wired OR Bluetooth wireless connection.

To connect wirelessly via Xinput on PC or Android, hold “B” and the back “pairing button” until the top and bottom LED turn on. This indicates that the gamepad is now in Xinput mode.

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